As a mother of 5 and a grandmother to 13, Carole was a foreign and classical instructor at the high school and college level prior to her move to Mt Pleasant 8 years ago. A chance remark to one of her grandchildren that she had always thought she would like to start painting on her retirement led to the introduction to Derna Conklin and a wonderful group of encouraging woman with whom she still paints today. Having never taken any form of an art class, Carole has attempted to make up for this deficiency by pouring over many art books and taking workshops with Alice Grimsley, Helen Beecham, Amelia Rose Smith and Becky Taylor. Each instructor has been most encouraging by fueling in Carole the desire to constantly improve. “ I love painting. To capture the beauty I see whether it be a flower growing in my garden, a tranquil marsh scene or found objects by the seashore. Painting theses subjects invigorate me and keeps me enthusiastic as an artist. For me, the luminosity and translucency of watercolor is everything.”........Amen!

Carole Meis


1055 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Suite 50

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


Phone: (843)800-5025